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Japanoid. definition: Japanese compact cars too cool for North America.
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Find Your Own Car @ Japanese Car Auction Sight


  • 1. After you receive your ID and Password, please start your search.
  • 2. Remember your vehicle has to be 15 years (to the month) .
  • 3. Select your vehicle and contact us 48 hours prior to the auction time.
  • 4. Payment of vehicle price + $ 1,500 and up is required.
  • 5. $ 1,500 covers all the costs/fees in Japan.
  • 6. $ 1,500 will be refunded if bidding is not succesful.
  • 7. Actual shipping fee will be billed when vehicle leaves Japan.
  • 8. Shipping time will be 14-18 days to Vancouver.
  • 9. We will be clearing the customs/picking up the vehicle from the port.
  • 10. Threre will be $ 700 brokerage fee applied.
  • Being Processed
    11. Actual port charge, GST, Tariffs, CFIA charges will be applied. 12. BC safety compliance preparation and inspection will be additional charge. 1. Please contact us at for your ID and password. this site!