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Japanoid. definition: Japanese compact cars too cool for North America.
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You probably know Japanoid for our cars. You've seen those cute little Figaros or white Acty pickups booting around in the sun, or the rain. You might know someone who owns a Delica 4WD or maybe a Landcruiser or Hilux. But what you likely don't know is that Japanoid maintains and sells parts for all the cars we sell, and ones we don't.

Owning a Japanoid is tons of fun, but it's also a real commitment. Since the Canadian government mandates that our cars must be at least 15 years old to import, good maintenance is important. And once you get over the whole right hand drive, the first thing you’re going to wonder about is where you're going to get it serviced? Well herein lies the answer. Since 2005, Japanoid has had the goal of being the full service shop.
Moto, The Homy
Japanoid Daimyo
Today we have achieved that goal. With five mechanics in total, two Japanese speaking, two certified Diesel mechanics, and one master of all things high performance, we are ready to take on any project. Our shop in New Westminster is equipped with five lifts, 14 car bays and total space for 25 cars (or 62 Kei Cars). We also have a parts storehouse, keeping in stock hundreds of maintenance and repair parts as well as accessories. We have plenty of experience doing all sizes of jobs from bodywork to engine overhaul. We also specialize in making cars compliant to all Federal and Provincial regulations. Japanoid has put more Japanese cars through the new BC inspection process than any other company in Canada.
"The team at Japanoid are experts in their product; and they'll make sure you are taken care of"
 - Joe B, Suzuki Works owner
Love for Japanese cars. That was our motivation for starting Japanoid. It's not just a business, it's a passion. To provide a fun alternative for Canadians. A market leader and innovator, Japanoid exists to support the imported Japanese Domestic Model market. But we are also committed to supporting all imports and indeed all vehicles large and small. Come down to our shop in New Westminster and talk to us about your next car, maintenance request or project. We're committed to great service and we promise to get it done right.
Testimonials from customers,
"The.."new" to us Prince Rupert Bylaw truck. Thank you for your help, we are really happy with the vehicle."
Tanya O, Operations Manager at the Public Works Department, City of Prince Rupert Subaru Sambar 4WD Pickup Truck owner
"A great vehicle for the company. Thanks to my Subaru Sambar, Emelle's Catering has a whole new look; not to mention being kind to mother nature."
Michael B, Subaru Sambar owner
"Japanoid feels the same way about their business as I feel about my Figaro. Relaxed, cool, gets you there in style. They are always ready to help me keep my classic figaro baby running perfectly"
Anna T, Nissan Figaro owner
"Japanoid is THE car company in Vancouver. People gawk at the cars and I love taking them in for repairs. The only thing is, every time I go in I want another car!"
Randy L, Subaru Sambar owner
"My Delica runs like a Top. It has been to Alaska and back, and I know it'll make it wherever I take her. Thank the gods for Japanoid. They keep it in tip top shape."
Rick B, Mitsubishi Delica owner


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