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Japanoid. definition: Japanese compact cars too cool for North America.

The New Driver's Seat

The Globe and Mail

A toy-like car with a grown-up purpose
"Many of Japanoid's mini-cars and vans cost around $10,000 to $12,000, and their previous Japanese owners have kept them in impeccable condition."


"I had never seen 80% of these Japanoid cars before and some like the Nissan Figaro look really cool and funky."

CTV News

Where We Live Segment: Japanoid


Kei Cars: Tiny Japanese Marvels from Japanoid
"If you're a Canadian, you can now purchase kei cars from Japanoid, as vehicles at least 15-years-old are legal for importation. United Statesians like myself are clean out of luck, a shame, since I can think of no better vehicle to own in New York than a beautiful supercharged Subaru Sambar city van, with full-time four-wheel-drive and a 50MPG fuel economy, all packed into a vehicle small enough to keep in a Brooklyn backyard."


Niche seen for eco-friendly minicars but rules and market hurdles in way
"As governments encourage Canadians to reduce the automobile's environmental footprint, Les Smith believes he's already done his part. He bought a Honda Acty (from Japanoid)."

Vancouver Magazine

Panorama > URBAN MATTERS Nov.2006
"Lately I've seen weird little cartoon-like vans and cars zipping around town. Where are these things coming from....Probably from Japanoid, a Vancouver dealership that opened in 2005 and imports these cars"


Sustainability Is Cool. Enough Intellectualizing.
"OK, if you need a car. Buy a second hand one. Like a Japanoid. They're cool. I don't know about fuel efficiency here. I've never owned a car. But if any of them are diesel, opt for that with an eye to looking at bio-diesel."

Oilweek Magazine

Niche seen for eco friendly minicars but rules and market hurdles in way (Minicars)
"Environmentalists and transportation specialists believe minicars [Japanoids] could be part of the solution to growing urban congestion and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."


The Vancouver Province

Character not necessarily a bad thing
"The S-Cargo has much in common with that cuddly yellow monster from the Pokemon cartoon show -- it's tiny and weirdly cute."

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Japanoid.com - The Nissan Figaro
"I love the retro design of this tiny japanese car"

CityTV News Breakfast Television

Japanoid Live Appearance


Cool Gadget / Invention Of The Day
"Okay, so the ladies won't be lining up for a ride in your '91 Nissan Figaro. And all the K-cars have right-hand drive. But you'll save a mint on fuel!" [Figaro is VERY popular with lady drivers!]


Japanoid: where to buy the bottom rung of Gran Turismo 4
"The digital overlords of the Gran Turismo 4 universe provide you with a measly 5,000 credits to start building your garage. That's about enough virtual yen to pick up a Kei car...Fortunately we no longer have to confine our Kei lust to Gran Turismo, as Japanoid, a Vancouver, BC-based importer, offers all types of Keis under the Rising Sun"

CityTV News at 6

Thinking Small


K-cars Arrive in Canada
"Awwww, look at how cute these tiny Japanese cars are! I must have one! Never sold before in North America, Japanoid, a Canadian importer of K-cars (otherwise known as Keicars or Kei Jidousha), is finally bringing these adorable super-compact cars to Canada"

Vancouver Courier

Tiny Japanese Kei-cars turning heads
"Agile and small enough to squeeze into tiny spots, Japanoids are ideal city cars"


Japanoid K-Cars
"Japanoid has 12 vehicles listed, but my favorites are those four above [S-Cargo, Figaro, Pao, Toppo] and this funny looking truck [Acty]...But don't expect US law to make any exceptions. US law only allows import of 25-year-old vehicles, even if they might help ease our fuel crisis."


Japanoid - Importing K-Cars in Canada
"Obviously they are not for everyone, in part because they are right-hand drive, but they must be loads of fun (especially the Toyota Sera and Suzuki Works). My only wish is that we get rid of the 15 years wait and import the current ones."

The Vancouver Province

Cars so ugly they're cute
"Had Dr.Evil set his sights on cloning vehicles, the result would have been the Japanoids."